Episode 6

005: The Impact List: Deciding Who to Invite with Amber Zolc


November 5th, 2019

20 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of the Proclaim podcast, Brett and Jason talk with Amber Zolc about creating an “Impact List,” a list of names of people you want to invite to your evangelization initiative. The discuss how God is already working in the life of every person, and we are coming alongside that work in inviting and opening our homes to them.

Some moments of particular interest:

1:14 What exactly is an Impact List, and who goes on it?

3:45 What if people say no to my invitation?

4:45 Fighting through internal hesitation to deliver an invitation

7:36 Whether we realize it or not, our hearts were made for relationship with God

8:26 Why we should never categorize our friends as people God can’t reach

10:37 Overcoming resistance, inviting, and seeing God move

12:48 The radical power of an invitation

16:22 When do I create my Impact List? Do I invite people and then choose Alpha or Discovery?

19:48 If we haven’t built trust with someone, maybe it’s best to start with connecting over dinner

Want to watch the interview? View it here.